In my life lately

22 November, 2011



Here I am typin…

13 November, 2011

Here I am typing away on my laptop like the child of the computer age as I am. Who writes by hand anymore? We all do of course but usually just notes, too-do lists or any other of those small fragments of life scribbled down while standing up. Who sits down to write a letter these days?

That was the idea that was explored in one of the galleries of the British Museum on friday night. We were there in hope to get into the new exhibition by Grayson Perry: The Tomb of The unknown Craftsman. It was unfortunately completely sold out. There were other things to look at though, all which had to do with craftmanship and art.

My favorite was the handwriting part which they called An forgotten Art. The idea was that you would sit down and write that letter you never written to someone that had been important to you. I wrote a letter for my sister but others had written to their dog or Grayson Perry. Then there was two lovely ladies that would analyze your handwriting to see what kind of person you are. For a child of the computer age it was pretty hardcore.The whole buisness of being able to tell about someone’s personality from their handwriting is a bit bullshit to be honest. It was fascinating that they were somewhat right in what they said.

What does it mean in the long run that we don’t write by hand anymore? Is it a loss of an old expression? Is it really part of our inviduality? Any ideas?

Feminist Ryan Gosling

8 November, 2011

I just found an amazing tumbl via which is Feminist Ryan Gosling. It’s funny if you like advanced feminist theory or ryan gosling or weird but wonderful things on the internet. It’s images of Ryan Gosling trying to pick up women by being a smart ass. Very funny.



I’ve been saved

8 November, 2011

Oh I forgot to tell you about Saved! How could I forget to write about something so amazing and breathtaking as that play? I had tremendously big hopes for the new production of the 1965 play by Edward Bond which I wrote about earlier. Usually I end up being disappointed by such an occasion when I hyped up a thing. Not this time. It wasn’t as brilliant as Hamlet on The National Theatre in May but damn it was close. Why? The play is beautifully written in the way that its got a clear dramatic drive. The characters are well written and you can sort of understand where they come from and why they act like they do. The pace of the play was perfect, especially in the painful scenes involving the neglect and killing of the baby. I was slightly scared of the moment those scenes would turn up. Would I be able to take it? Would I be affected by it? Yes I was. It was cringe worthy to say the least seeing the scene when all the characters, who are supposed to be the family of the baby, ignores it completely. They also call the baby it, not by name or sex, just it. (I cannot remember the sex of the child, therefore it’s it here as well) The scene were they kill the child had also an amazing a brutal rhythm. It went from slow-paced to fast violence, they raised the pace all the way through which made it even more horrible to watch.

Was it necessary then, the violence I have written about earlier? I think I have to say that here it was necessary. I don’t think you can get the sam effect or be able to make a clear comment on these people’s lives without those scenes. That the young girl that is the mother of the child completely ignores it and then wants everyone to pity her after it’s been killed wouldn’t come across as so painfully ironic. It was horrible to watch and I heard a girl cry in the audience. The play was also, weirdly enough, very funny. It is witty. The actors had some true comedy talent in the way they moved around one another. Not to deny that it was pretty dark humored (the best in my opinion) but it was funny. The humour balanced the darkness nicely.The fact that we had managed to book tickets on the night a couple of school classes sort of helped to get the atmosphere. The kids reacted strongly to everything on stage by laughing, crying (girl during pram scene) and ohhh-ing.

It’s unfortunately not running anymore. I do recommend you to see it if you ever get a chance.


Sorry for the silence this week. I have been busy writing a novel. I know it sounds mad and it is. I was having a go at participating in the National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo which happens in November each year. The idea is to force oneself to write a whole novel on 50.000 words by writing at least 1600 words a day. People at my uni is doing it for the independent project we have to do in creative writing. I thought it sounded like a good challenge and joined in. Our tutor wants us to write 1800 a day and I continued on my project from last year, The Body of The Bourne, which was a novel I’ve started on. It couldn’t be all that impossible when I had a plan and a clear idea on what I wanted to do? I could write that and continue to work with the play I had in mind. No I could not. I made it, I did write 1800 word every day for this past week. I did also ignore all the other things I had to do for uni and felt quite locked at my laptop. Most of all I took it to seriously and felt stressed about it and therefore lost the ability to be an efficient writer.


I love the idea of the project itself and admire the ones that make it even though they have a full career and kids and a dog or a horse or whatever they do. I am not that person though. I love writing and it was fun to fully indulge myself in this world I have created, it’s not that. I just isn’t quick enough to do this project right now when I want to get good grades in all of my subjects for this last year. If you are a speed writer please participate. It is an amazing feeling when you sit there with page after page of your own writing. I am happy to have a detail plan of my novel and the first 11.000 words of it. I will finish this novel one day, not this november though.

I am going to write a play instead. I’ll tell you more about that later.

I was stopped in the street about a month ago by a woman who wanted to take my picture. One of those fashion bloggers you know. I had never heard of iut but let her do it anyway. Let’s face it, it’s fun and flattering when people like your outfit. I am not laidback enough to have developed a photo look though. I tend to go with massive grin or look like a deer in the headlights. Went with the second option for this occation:

Here’s the full link for more pictures and what she wrote about me. It’s quite a nice site and worth checking out for the other posts.