NaNoWriMo or how to kill oneself in 30 days

7 November, 2011


Sorry for the silence this week. I have been busy writing a novel. I know it sounds mad and it is. I was having a go at participating in the National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo which happens in November each year. The idea is to force oneself to write a whole novel on 50.000 words by writing at least 1600 words a day. People at my uni is doing it for the independent project we have to do in creative writing. I thought it sounded like a good challenge and joined in. Our tutor wants us to write 1800 a day and I continued on my project from last year, The Body of The Bourne, which was a novel I’ve started on. It couldn’t be all that impossible when I had a plan and a clear idea on what I wanted to do? I could write that and continue to work with the play I had in mind. No I could not. I made it, I did write 1800 word every day for this past week. I did also ignore all the other things I had to do for uni and felt quite locked at my laptop. Most of all I took it to seriously and felt stressed about it and therefore lost the ability to be an efficient writer.


I love the idea of the project itself and admire the ones that make it even though they have a full career and kids and a dog or a horse or whatever they do. I am not that person though. I love writing and it was fun to fully indulge myself in this world I have created, it’s not that. I just isn’t quick enough to do this project right now when I want to get good grades in all of my subjects for this last year. If you are a speed writer please participate. It is an amazing feeling when you sit there with page after page of your own writing. I am happy to have a detail plan of my novel and the first 11.000 words of it. I will finish this novel one day, not this november though.

I am going to write a play instead. I’ll tell you more about that later.


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