I’ve been saved

8 November, 2011

Oh I forgot to tell you about Saved! How could I forget to write about something so amazing and breathtaking as that play? I had tremendously big hopes for the new production of the 1965 play by Edward Bond which I wrote about earlier. Usually I end up being disappointed by such an occasion when I hyped up a thing. Not this time. It wasn’t as brilliant as Hamlet on The National Theatre in May but damn it was close. Why? The play is beautifully written in the way that its got a clear dramatic drive. The characters are well written and you can sort of understand where they come from and why they act like they do. The pace of the play was perfect, especially in the painful scenes involving the neglect and killing of the baby. I was slightly scared of the moment those scenes would turn up. Would I be able to take it? Would I be affected by it? Yes I was. It was cringe worthy to say the least seeing the scene when all the characters, who are supposed to be the family of the baby, ignores it completely. They also call the baby it, not by name or sex, just it. (I cannot remember the sex of the child, therefore it’s it here as well) The scene were they kill the child had also an amazing a brutal rhythm. It went from slow-paced to fast violence, they raised the pace all the way through which made it even more horrible to watch.

Was it necessary then, the violence I have written about earlier? I think I have to say that here it was necessary. I don’t think you can get the sam effect or be able to make a clear comment on these people’s lives without those scenes. That the young girl that is the mother of the child completely ignores it and then wants everyone to pity her after it’s been killed wouldn’t come across as so painfully ironic. It was horrible to watch and I heard a girl cry in the audience. The play was also, weirdly enough, very funny. It is witty. The actors had some true comedy talent in the way they moved around one another. Not to deny that it was pretty dark humored (the best in my opinion) but it was funny. The humour balanced the darkness nicely.The fact that we had managed to book tickets on the night a couple of school classes sort of helped to get the atmosphere. The kids reacted strongly to everything on stage by laughing, crying (girl during pram scene) and ohhh-ing.

It’s unfortunately not running anymore. I do recommend you to see it if you ever get a chance.


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