Body Rant

7 January, 2012

I am reading one of the books I got for christmas which I talked about in the last post; How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. Go and get it now. I don’t care if you go to your local bookshop, steal it off someone in the tube, go to the library or order it online. YOU HAVE TO READ IT! Last night I made my mother listen to me trying to read out my favorite bits but failing as I was laughing so hard. The book is hysterical but that is not the best bit. The best bit is that it’s hysterical and incredibly and amazingly political. She writes about her own life and what she has gone through to be a woman. It’s not theoretical it’s just about how to deal with every day life if you have any basic feminists views. Her chapter on what to call the vagina made me fall over with laughter. I haven’t read it all yet as I want to drag it out a bit like a fine wine or whatever you would like to last for a long time. I will probably scare people on the bus.

What she keeps bringing up and is of great importance is the female body. Or I would like to just put the body. Everyone’s bodies, male or female. Our relationships with our bodies are ludicrous. We all know it. We all have it. It’s mental. We have to change it, bleach it, shave it, reshape it, take weird medicines to look different or in many cases. Just pretend it isn’t there. My hero Stephen Fry keeps going on about him not wanting to have his body. He just wants his head or his brain in a little box and be happy with it. Every time I see him do it I have a strong urge to throw something at the television and shout “No Stephen! Stop! You wouldn’t be you without your body would you!”

We seem to be unable to just live in our bodies. To just let them be. It’s either in our way like we somehow could park them somewhere and let it be for a while (you are your body you idiot) or you spend all your wakening hours trying to fix it. Example; That horrible show The Gladiators which is now back on Swedish Television. That’s not bodies, that plastic! Oh and the average model’s weight have dropped 10 kilos over the past 10 years. How about that thought.




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