The thing with the golden globes

16 January, 2012

As a film student I will promptly ignore the films. Yes The Artist seems like a cracking cinematic masterpieace and Meryl is fab. The fashion then? I know that the red carpet on Hollywood award cermonies isn’t the best place to find interesting fashion ideas but come on. Everything has the same siluette. It’s the long dresses with a bit of a fishtale thing going. Yes Tilda Swinton is a godess as usual but even she did the ye’ old “look the skirt is all tight over my bum to then tada-spread out” thing. Angelina Jolie is always very classy but ZZZZZzzzzzz.

But then when Sweden had their biggest fashion award event thingie the other day everyone dressed in black so I don’t really know what I’m shouting for this time. Some variation maybe? Where’s Björk when you need her?

I have no idea who these people are but they look very Swedish fashion. They’re blond, good looking, wear LBD’s and seal killing shoes (my own little knickname and theory on how they afford those massive shoes. Kill seals in Norwaý half the year and then back to Stockholm to be fearce.)


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