30 January, 2012

I am sorry that there hasn’t been much going on this blog lately. I blame laptop problems, essays and ultimately my own laziness. I have been occupied with Europe lately. With politics as I, like many, keep reading about the EU and all its problems. I do have to say that Angela Merkel is a woman to admire. It is a bleak time and as a third year student one feels all the worry amongst one’s friends. I am worried as well but cannot help but see it as absolutely fascinating that I have no idea where I will be from a year from now. It is empty, blank and there for me to fill it up with whatever I want or am capable of. I try not to worry as it leads to nothing but stress. I am sure I will be in Europe though, probably northern Europe, hopefully London. Europe fascinates me, as both an idea and geographic reality. I’ve been watching Jonathan Meades documentaries a lot since I discovered his brilliance in his series on France on BBC4 which is on at the moment. He is a journalist who writes mostly about food and architecture. His series on northern Europe is fantastic and is all up on you tube.


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