29 February, 2012

innanför mitt ena kindben

bultar evigheten

det spänner

käken hårdnar

käken svalnar

tänderna gnisslar

och jag tänker på dig.


Words for Swedish people. Diktkladd.


Like they had in the Great War? What would it look like today? Does it excist in our days?


John Nash’s Over The Top


Sargent’s Gassed

Art and Illness

28 February, 2012

I’m sorry for the vast silence on this blog these latest couple of weeks but got some nasty virus and have had people here visiting. Today is the first day for a long time in which I have felt like I could walk without dying. The illness! That is something that could be discussed though. The aesthetics of illness and sickness in art. There’s a lot to find here guys! Just think of all the TB and dying that’s been going on in literature, paintings, film, theatre, photography etc. etc. Crime and Punishment comes to mind. I cannot unfortunately say that I’ve read it. I read half in school and found it utterly boring. I want to give it another chance but all I remember is him being ill and lying in bed coughing an awful lot. Yes we get it, your guilt is getting you ill. Get on with it!


Another wonderful illness piece of art is “The Sick Child” by Edward Munch. There is true pain in this piece of art. Not as much in the child but with what I assume is the mother who sits by the child’s bed with her face hidden as she cannot look up. The child looks upon the mother with concern and love. Such a powerful painting. The way Munch has sort of scratched the painting to life is amazing. My dad pointed this out and made me look closer at it when we saw one of the four copies at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm a few years ago. Go up and stare at it up close if you ever get the chance to see it in real life. It’s beautiful.

Illness in art can be seen as a 19th century thing if one just looks at what I have mentioned. There is so much more however. Illness is one of our greatest fears and what is art for if not to deal with this? We promise to love the one we marry through sickness and in health. We spend endless amounts of money on medicine and insurance. We fear sickness because we fear death. Illness is almost something shameful, something that is supposed to be hidden away. Not in art though, we deal with it there. What are your favorites?

P.S. I could whistle with my nose this morning. If that isn’t art then what is? D.S.

the aesthetics people!

15 February, 2012

I know I’m late on the bandwagon but oh just look at her. Love this video so much. She’s always out there finding what is the new thing and what is politically explosive. I don’t see this as using the “oriental motive”. It’s mixing hip hop with the arab spring and damn it’s amazing. It’s also disco in a weird way.


For the Swedish speaking

15 February, 2012

I love the Moomin books. The characters and the stories are so lovely and well written. Very Scandinavian and at the same time not in a way. Please read Tove Jansson



Titta på båten, titta på Äventyret, sa han. En båt om natten är nånting  underbart. Det är så man ska börja ett nytt liv, med en brinnande  stormlykta i masttoppen, kustlinjen försvinner i mörkret bakom en, hela  världen sover. Att resa om natten är finare än nånting annat på jorden. – ur Pappan och havet av Tove Jansson

My latest obsession

13 February, 2012

French film from the 1930’s or poetic realism as the movement at that time was called. Here’s an amazing example, Quai des Brumes or the Port Of Shadows from 1938. Ever seen Atonement? This is the film shown in the background when the main character stumbles into the cinema in Dunkirk.

Look at Jean Gabin and Michéle Morgan looking all glam and moody.