I can now be called a proper writer. This makes me very excited, to have my name by a review I’ve written. I am not very happy with it though as I know that I can write better. Let’s hope for the next time.



New Blog!

7 July, 2012

I have created a food blog so that I can write about all things food.

Come and have a look!



4 July, 2012

I have been applying for internships and sending of CV’s everywhere I can imagine as I need to get in somewhere and get experience. Luckey, they got back to me from Aurum press in Camden and I am starting an internship there on monday. It will last a month and I’m so happy to get a chance to learn and see the inside of a publishing house.

I have also got the chance to review art exhibitions and museums for One Stop Arts which is a site which focuses on London’s cultural life. These are fantastic news and I do hope they will like my first review I am writing on the olympic exhibition at RADA. I am planning to go there tomorrow.

Then I just need a job to be able to stay in London. I love this city and do hope that I will be able to stay.