Here I am typin…

13 November, 2011

Here I am typing away on my laptop like the child of the computer age as I am. Who writes by hand anymore? We all do of course but usually just notes, too-do lists or any other of those small fragments of life scribbled down while standing up. Who sits down to write a letter these days?

That was the idea that was explored in one of the galleries of the British Museum on friday night. We were there in hope to get into the new exhibition by Grayson Perry: The Tomb of The unknown Craftsman. It was unfortunately completely sold out. There were other things to look at though, all which had to do with craftmanship and art.

My favorite was the handwriting part which they called An forgotten Art. The idea was that you would sit down and write that letter you never written to someone that had been important to you. I wrote a letter for my sister but others had written to their dog or Grayson Perry. Then there was two lovely ladies that would analyze your handwriting to see what kind of person you are. For a child of the computer age it was pretty hardcore.The whole buisness of being able to tell about someone’s personality from their handwriting is a bit bullshit to be honest. It was fascinating that they were somewhat right in what they said.

What does it mean in the long run that we don’t write by hand anymore? Is it a loss of an old expression? Is it really part of our inviduality? Any ideas?